Brexit position statement at 18.9.19

My first ever vote was in 1975, to remain in the Common Market we had joined just two years before. I knew then as I know now that we must align ourselves to our European neighbours – or hand over our rights, freedoms and trade to the USA.

I’m proud to be one of the MPs who helped bring the case against the government’s decision to prorogue parliament.

As a result, Scotland’s highest civil court has now ruled that the decision to shut down parliament is unlawful. The government are appealing this decision and we hope to have some news soon after Tuesday 17th September when the decision is to be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

I can assure you that however hard the government tries to stop me from doing my job they will never succeed; as long as I’m your MP I will represent my constituents in parliament.

The Prime Minister’s attempt to play dictator will be met with a fearless and informed strategy as well as strong and widespread democratic resistance which I am proud to support.

There is no majority in parliament for No Deal. Nobody in the country voted for it. That is why the government wants to silence MPs. If we are silenced they hope you will be too.

Boris Johnson wanted to bounce us into an early election so that he could engineer Brexit at Halloween with no written agreement. Labour stopped this happening. We want an election, but first we must stop the no-deal Brexit that Johnson so badly wants.

The way forward is clear – we negotiate an extension so that we can hold a general election. We then hold a referendum between remain and a Labour negotiated deal.

As your MP I will always campaign to remain in the EU. To be clear:

  • I will vote to block no-deal Brexit
  • I will support demands for an extension to Article 50
  • I will support calls for a General Election
  • I will vote for a second referendum
  • I will campaign to remain in the EU

A no-deal Brexit puts the NHS, the economy, workers’ rights, our civil liberties – and even our food supplies – at risk.

My wish for Kensington and for the country is to stay within the EU, reform regulations that do not work for us, and spend revenue fairly across the country.

I will do everything in my power to achieve this.

Please continue to send me your thoughts on this as the situation evolves. I read all your emails, forgive me if I don’t respond individually – I have received nearly 7,000 Brexit-related emails: