I made this video on the first anniversary of my election. Little has changed. Now after more than two years, it continues to be a constant frustration to me and my team that the response to all the problems and issues that arose from the Grenfell Tower fire atrocity is still inadequate and often unsympathetic.

I will never stop speaking out and campaigning to put right all the wrongs that have been done, to my neighbours who lost their lives, to the survivors, to the bereaved, to the local community, to the first responders, and to all those affected across the country by this avoidable atrocity and the appalling living conditions for so many people that have since been exposed.

On 6 June 2019, just ahead of the second anniversary, I lead a backbench debate on the Response to the Grenfell Tower Fire in the House of Commons. We covered a wide range of issues, from dangerous electric goods, to fire safety regulations, insurance, mental health provision, and the continued failure of RBKC Council to do their job and look after those they are elected or employed to serve. The transcript of the debate is here.

I am making various long-term plans, the first of which is to find a suitable host library for the Grenfell Archive, which will be an open access online resource of all research, referenced reports from research institutes, universities, professional organisations and legal bodies. This will be an essential resource for journalists, campaigners and others when the Inquiry interim report is released, and when the Inquiry reopens next year. Negotiations are under way and I hope to be able to confirm where the Archive will be hosted by the end of the year.

We have other plans working with professional organisations, which are in preparation and will be announced as soon as possible. This will clearly be a lifetime’s work for me, as it is already for so many others who have embraced the allied campaigns, or who have had this burden forced upon them.

I will pursue this campaign relentlessly, until everyone can be safe from avoidable danger in their homes.